Onboarding Portal KYC3

Streamlining the Onboarding Process with KYC3: Efficiency and Accuracy

Onboarding counterparties can be one of the most time-consuming activities for companies. From gathering documents via email to dealing with incomplete dossiers and performing manual checks, the entire process demands significant time and attention. KYC3 has revolutionised this process by fully digitising it, providing companies with a portal where counterparties can upload documents and undergo all necessary checks, thereby reducing the risk of errors or missing information.

Benefits of Using an Automated Onboarding Portal

  1. Clear Communication of Document Requirements

– The portal ensures that document requirements are clearly communicated to counterparties, eliminating confusion and reducing delays.

  1. Automated “To-Do” List

   – The digital counterparty identity portal includes an automated “To-Do” list, making it easier for counterparties to upload all necessary documents. This feature speeds up the process and ensures that all required information is provided, reducing the risk of errors.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Security

   – With the streamlined process, counterparties experience improved efficiency and security, leading to greater satisfaction and increased business opportunities.

  1. Simplified Compliance Management

   – The compliance manager receives updates about the onboarding status and findings, without needing to manage the entire process manually.

Key Features of the KYC3 Onboarding Portal

Digital Dossier Management

– Centralised and organised document management for easy access and review.

Real-Time Video Onboarding

  – Allows for immediate and interactive onboarding sessions.

AI-Powered ID Analysis

  – Advanced technology for accurate identity verification.

Automated Risk Screening Engine

  – Efficiently identifies and mitigates potential risks.

Secure and Customizable

  – Options for on-premise or hosted solutions to meet specific security and customization needs.

Compliance with Regulations

  – Fully compliant with AMLD5, GDPR, BSA, and PSD2, ensuring adherence to international standards.

No more back-and-forth emails, calls, or unreliable tools for risk management. The KYC3 onboarding portal offers a streamlined, efficient, and secure solution that benefits both companies and their counterparties. By automating the onboarding process, companies can focus on growing their business and building stronger relationships with their partners.

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