Sleep like a baby and save €158,000 every year with Complete Compliance Automation

KYC3 is a Luxembourg based provider of KYC/KYB risk management automation solutions aimed at alternative investment, private equity, wealth and virtual-asset managers.

Since its inception in 2010, the KYC3 team has developed our own intellectual property and provides SaaS solutions tailored to the needs of AIFM and crypto-asset firms. Our solution eliminates the labor and risk inherent in old school manual dossier processing and tracking systems based on document stores, Excel spreadsheets and email communications by providing an integrated dossier management and risk screening environment with a complete audit trail and a white labeled secure counterparty portal for document collection.

KYC3 is not a reseller of other companies’ solutions.  All of our software and IP is developed and owned by the company.

KYC3 aims to vastly improve the way KYC is done for financial institutions worldwide.  KYC3 is all dimensions of Know Your Customer, Counterparty and Competitor. Transforming regulatory and reputational risk management into competitive advantage is the core objective that we intend to achieve for our clients leveraging machine learning, big data and eventually blockchain to achieve economies of automation – saving you time and money.

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