Identify business opportunitiesand track competitors from one central platform

KYC3 is an online tool that maps all needed information about your prospects, clients and competitors in a time and cost-effective way.

As a business developper, you need to identify business opportunities and qualify them very quickly. However, getting as much information as you’d like about someone or some company isn’t that easy. Same problem when you want to track your competitors.

KYC3 offers business developers the most accurate data they need to make their decision, from general business information to interests mapping and media monitoring.

Search and access all the information you need about your clients, leads and competitors

We consolidate and provide third-party information about your clients from many, many sources. Most sources are public but we also consolidate paid information from the European Business Registry and have more than 100 000 000 entities in our database.

Get the full picture about a person or a company in a few clicks

Instantly view networks of influence and ownership among companies and management with our relationship mapping feature.

Stay aware of what’s going on for your prospects or competitors thanks to our media monitoring

With our media monitoring of more than 55.000 news sources, you will never miss that key information that changes everything.

Discretion and GDPR compliant

Instant compliance reports include PEP and Corruption Index results to quickly identify politically exposed persons and companies in high risk jurisdictions. We have over 120,000 PEPs and counting.

4th AML Directive ready

Even if the 4th AML Directive hasn’t been translated into your national legislation, you are already compliant with it.

Continuous Data Updates

Our unique machine-learning algorithms process data within hours of it appearing online.

Regular screening

Keep track of all the analysis you have already done and regularly check your clients for new hits. Thanks to our bulk assessment, you’ll be done in no time.